Constellation exclusive wedding

Source temperament often different, for example, someone from the body, someone from the eyes. Leo has a pair of beautiful eyes mm, wearing crowns, wedding dressed in exquisite texture, give people a sense of grandeur, put on a very imposing.
Love white virgin bride. Primitive wisdom female lines, Virgo desire to convey a concise purer flavor. Virgo bride is not as long as you feel her beauty, but also to let you see her intelligent. White is the best color Virgo perfect bride in mind.
Neutral design highlights Libra characteristics. Libra neat dislike procrastination, chic, elegant bride is the best portrayal of the scales, quality and not quantity of meticulous quality materials, design and neutral colors, to better highlight the different scales of the bride.
Curvy curves Scorpio exhibition style. Introverted mysterious Scorpio bride, gestures are telling you:. “I do not need a gorgeous dress decorated, I was the most beautiful bride” exquisite curves and women caused by the extreme taste, through a simple dress, the bride who will be in Scorpio accentuates.
Lovely, lively striker beauty, people really jealous. Concise wedding design just to cater to the shooter free-spirited natural beauty temperament, no matter where wandering, love, happiness can be carried out in the end.
Patient, steady, understated Capricorn mm, covered with a white wedding dress is more innocent, pleasant, subtle and introverted, quite ladylike wedding



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