Wedding History

Early 20th century, the wedding began shorter, but also both skirts feature unique style allows the bride on the wedding party. Into the 1930s, popular wedding trend of tight, so that the bride is more charming and moving. 40’s, wedding simple cut, heart-shaped neckline and long-sleeved gloves has become a fashion. To the 1960s, a number of short length wedding dress, some even with the “miniskirt” there is not much difference, linen and cotton raw materials to the most popular. 70s wedding, showing a deep sense of nostalgia, style and Xing long hem, multi-pleated, lace several overlapping peaks, highly decorative, with soft flesh-colored fabric-based. 1990s, designed to break the traditional wedding swing skirt great switch design and draw the popular fashion design features. Part of the bare majority jacket; part of a cheongsam-style dress, miniskirt-style, there is a practical modular wedding, the bride to the church during the day or evening dinner guests can combine their own when a wedding



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