After the start: to predict vehicle failures

Self-test before the car starts, the first step is to ensure road safety. In the car idling and driving, occupants, etc. should also be fully mobilize their sight, smell and hearing, whether the vehicle is correctly judged a failure.

When you start the engine, the driver should carefully observe the battery on the car dashboard, fuel, water temperature and other indicators. Under normal circumstances, these LEDs lit and extinguished in a short time, indicating that the car’s battery using the normal state, fuel is sufficient and reasonable within the engine coolant temperature.

If the driving process, the battery indicator lights continuously to indicate the car’s battery problems, need to be replaced; oil lamp does not go out, then the oil has been inadequate; the water temperature indicator is on, it means that the coolant temperature exceeds a predetermined value, the motorist must suspend driving immediately, until the water temperature is normal, the indicator goes off before restarting.

The exercise of the vehicle, if the vehicle abnormal noises, the driver should be paid. Some older drivers can be very sensitive to perceived abnormal sound inside the car, through the timely processing of unusual form, to avoid causing a major accident. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle appears sound heavy, and accompanied by a significant earthquake shaking, mostly big failure, should immediately pull over and identify the reasons for troubleshooting. To brake abnormal sound, for example, issued a piercing scream when the car brakes, the braking system is often abnormal signals to the repair shop owners should check the brake pads and the like.

Automotive car smell is faulty performance, especially in the summer, when the occupants smelled the odor when the car should be immediately stopped and checked. Under normal circumstances, the car exudes pills only to discover, smell, taste, and other pungent smell of plastic, usually the car is not a part of normal wear and tear occurs. Strong pills only to discover there is usually clutch plate burning pine or handbrake not rush started.truck tyre:



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