In the control ignition brakes one less car maintenance

Center console Goukan
On the surface, easy to clean the center console, a rag can get. In fact, it will little note, instrument panel as well as a lot of “various obstacles” need special tools. At this time, you can find a number of different thicknesses of wood or ruler, one end marble and other than the tip of the triangle pattern, then wrapped in a clean cloth to clean inside. For example, air-conditioning outlet louvers part, difficult to clean with ordinary cloth in place, but if the cloth bag with a ruler, it is easy to complete.
Often forgotten ignition
We are all familiar with the spark plug, but the ignition has often been forgotten by everyone. When the car is not easy to catch fire occurs, increased fuel consumption, power and poor symptoms, it is recommended to check the ignition. Both ends are connected to the ignition distributor and spark plug, is the only path is passed to the engine spark. Because of its high frequency, the working environment is relatively poor, will be very prone to aging, damaged and so on, resulting in insufficient ignition energy. Experts suggest that the vehicle ignition replacement every twenty thousand kilometers.
Brakes also need to focus on
More and more vehicles are gradually brake configuration from Qianpanhougu forward late transition disk configuration, using the disc brake has the advantage of better cooling, cleaning and replacement easier. Most owners believe that the brake pads wear more easily than the brakes, in fact, force plate and sheet are mutual, there will be contact friction and wear. Also brakes brakes than smooth surface, rough surface vulnerable to the impact of the brake pads. So check and replace the brake pads, we should also pay attention to the condition of the brake disc surface, if the scratches appear relatively clear, the proposed replacement of the brakes, in order to avoid future trouble.truck tyre



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