Selection and matching wedding

In order to make their wedding day in the spotlight, many bride are very careful in the selection of the wedding, carefully selected the most beautiful wedding dress can bring your own. But in the selection must be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of their body, try to enlarge the advantages, disadvantages modified principle-based.
Poor lower body line
To try to skirt the main contributory to cover, do not pick a fishtail skirt-like design lines of style.
Large waist meat
You can choose waist line design has an inverted triangle wedding, or high-waisted babydoll dress design, are able to shift the focus blur visual.
Crude arm
You can choose a complete set shawl design, or find their own bar can match each other as a shawl to cover arm styling embellishment, no significant unexpected in Liangqiu season, try not to pick too thin strap dress, lest stark contrast to the more prominent shortcomings .
Skinny body
It is best to avoid the selection of too low cut or exposed high style, so can not support, you can pick or long-sleeved high-necked Victorian-style wedding dress a little, to show the degree of temperament and sense of prom



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