Wedding dress fabric types

Wedding fabrics are mainly the following:
Domestic satin (Suzhou wedding commonly used fabric, thin, light weight, drape poor).
Imported thick satin (the most common is Taiwan satin, satin and other Hong Bin, heavy fabric, drape well, pure color).
Good satin heavy, high count. But feels very soft, and very skinny. Bone support group will be exposed rims of trace silly, the problem is not in itself support group, problems in satin itself. Satin thin and no texture, it will look like the inside are printed out. Satin sheen is also very important. Good satin sheen is soft, not dazzling. Some not good satin, very soft, shiny glare. No bones, like a flash of water seen in France satin, very bones, stiff. Shiny and soft, like milk, the best way to silk brocade surface, looks shiny and soft, pearl luster, because raw silk on, very bones. French satin sheen than transparent, more beautiful feeling. Market, as well as Japan face satin. This thick satin, wedding do 1k down prices. The advantage is cost-effective to have texture, the disadvantage is too hard, glossy good.
Crystal yarn (hard texture, transparency, light weight, thin).
Organza (relatively light and elegant, very thin and transparent, feel a little stiff, the material is suitable for Punta type profile, rayon Organza (also known as Europe with yarn) price is cheaper.).
Chiffon (fabric light, elegant, with a flexible wire, and thin features, soft touch, light and elegant, looks fresh and cool, more suitable for summer wear).
Lace: general as the edge of the decoration and embellishment patterns, large format will be used in the bodice and hem at the wedding. Design beautiful, unique technology, refined processing, pattern embossed pattern has a slight effect, touch is gentle, very expensive.
Spinning / rayon: Fabric relatively stiff, not easy to wrinkle, affordable and popular. The disadvantage is somewhat arrest body.
Full silk: silk fabric wedding elegant, ornate palace for Grace wedding design. However, more expensive, and easy to wrinkle, require careful care
Yang satin: noble and generous, bright and shiny fabrics sense contains very feminine.
Taffeta: feature is light and slippery, easy to print watermarks in the fabric or wood and other floral designs, suitable for wearing in summer and autumn
Satin: The texture is thick, due to the relationship of gravity, so there is heavy feeling, feels very real, there are contours, warm feeling, suitable for tall, plump type of wear.
Pearl yarn: bright, color concept was, feeling soft and elegant, suitable for lively, petite, princess bride.
Flannel: comparison with lines, giving a noble, mysterious, warm prom dress



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