Sleeveless dress slits

Sleeveless dress slits
Shaped legs and chest less than ideal people can choose this dress, try to choose a high-end fashion fabric, such as animal stripe fabric, silk fabric floodlight, etc., to add brilliant appearance. Important: use high-necked, sleeveless style concave shoulder digging, otherwise appear too wedding dress
Sling silk skirt
As a dress, it is to maximize the performance of a person’s fresh, pure and vitality. To most simple style. Fabric colors, flowers have a subtropical mystery and passion, seem noble and mysterious black, green is prominent in the quiet shy temperament. Highlights: Dress and coat dress short straps, the finer the more evening taste, if the width of more than 7 mm, it is neither fish nor fowl.
Chinese clothing + Straight skirt slits
Oriental flavor containing fabrics, made after Chinese clothing and Straight skirt with slits, in the classical top, and build a unique temperament space. Red or bright blue as the main body of Chinese clothing, big Vulgar and Elegant atmosphere in the magnificent background. Important: This Ling-hui is more suitable for mature women.
Sling shorts + silk trousers Straight
Although more than 90 percent of the women dress to skirt appear, but the pants personality and thus establish them. Sling shorts can take low-cut style, halter style, fabric in black, green, gold and silver is appropriate, loose-fitting trousers and shorts color can take the same color, so easy to balance. IMPORTANT: Be sure to wear stilettos, otherwise just set up a little decent casual.



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