Benefits sealed plastic chassis of the car

Car chassis protection, the owner is usually the most easily overlooked, or simply do not know what are the benefits in the end. According to the introduction of professional technicians, the chassis is one of the most vulnerable parts of the car, do the chassis for the owners to bring at least six benefits.

1. chassis corrosion: Car rust are beginning from the floor, Do not you see, only ran two or three years has begun to glow edge beam car rust. Every car wash water will be left at the bottom, it will go a long time to form a corrosion potential factors that damage on the car, if your car were sealed plastic bottom, then, even acid rain, melting snow agents, washing soda are unable to penetrate this layer of protective film erosion.

2. Anti-stoning: vehicles in the process, will be thrown pebbles, gravel floor and impact strength is proportional to your speed, generally 10 grams of pebbles at 80 kilometers per hour when the impact will reach its own weight 100 times. Enough to break the film 30 microns or less, the film once it is broken up, and slowly began to rust defect begins to expand from iron inside, if your car has been sealed plastic bottom, even gravel to five kilograms of force impact can not break it .

3. Shock: engine, wheels are fixed on the car chassis, and their shock at a certain frequency will resonate with the floor, gives rise to very comfortable feeling, but at the bottom of protection will eliminate certain resonance.

4. Insulation: In the winter, the car to open the car air-conditioning, heat often goes down, and the vehicle to the ground outside air rises, cold air is mostly concentrated on the exchange floor of the vehicle, how the vehicle at the bottom of the protective effect, direct determine the effect of the energy use of the vehicle how, if your car sealed plastic bottom, then its membrane quartz sand will completely isolate the hot and cold.

5. noise reduction: the vehicle is traveling in the fast road, the sound of the wheels and the road surface friction velocity is proportional to the bottom of the vehicle has good protection, can greatly reduce interior noise.

6. Anti-dragging bottom: bottom sealed plastic material thicknesses up to 1.5 to 2.5 mm, while the bottom surface is scratched projections, projections sealed plastic chassis reduce damage to the chassis.truck tyre



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