Fall automotive air conditioning maintenance knowledge

Automotive air conditioning in the summer, but toiled. In the autumn, the focus of its faithful car can get some care.

First check the adequacy of the refrigerant, can be estimated by the temperature difference between the feeling of the dryer inlet and outlet pipe between piping, or detected by the manifold pressure gauge. Second, we must regularly clean the outlet and the cab of dust and dirt. This not only helps the car’s appearance, but also for the health of occupants is beneficial. Third, the air conditioning system periodically check the refrigerant liquid level is normal. The way to check the height level there are several, but the most common and easiest way is to use the peephole to check the dryer. Fourth, check the compressor belt is good. If the belt pulley groove surface in contact with the bright side, and there is a “creak” noise when you start conditioning, indicating serious belt slippage should replace the belts and pulleys; if the belt is too loose adjustment should be given, or easy to make poor refrigeration air conditioning system. Fifth, check the air conditioning system hoses and fittings have traces of oil. If a leak is discovered, it is timely to service personnel solutions.

In addition, the initial use of car air-conditioning season, the best air conditioning system for sterilization deodorant treatment, it is because the air conditioning system long “vacation” will breed mold and mildew, which not only makes the air an unpleasant musty odor, but also for car harmful to health within the staff. This work can go to the repair shop, but also can purchase special sterilization deodorant sprays themselves.truck tyre



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