Auto Beauty waxing Common Mistakes

Myth one: the more expensive the better car waxing

Best to use a new car wax polish to protect the body painted gloss and color, you should use UV wax summer, poor driving environment plays a prominent role in the application of protective wax tree cheese. Ordinary vehicles use an ordinary pearl or metallic paint series of wax can be, you should choose high-end luxury car wax, otherwise there is damage to the body. If it is a new car, usually do not need waxing repurchase within five months. The most important thing is to be selected, depending on the wax models, colors and specific circumstances, not the more expensive the better.

Myth: The more often the better car waxing

Many owners believe that regular waxing a car, the car will strengthen the prevention of acid rain and snow erosion. In fact, the body too frequent waxing will become black. Southern rainwater contains a lot of acidic substances, but more rain, so the number may be relatively more waxing, while the north is not necessary to frequent waxing. Often car parked in the garage, every four months to play a wax, often parked in the open air car park, every two months to play a wax on it, the best choice when waxing moderate and non-abrasive cleaning ability Chela ingredients.truck tyre



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