Car Care owner should pay attention to what

First, turn to the use of warm winter season, warm air systems in use for a long time after the stop, there will be failures, so you first have to try hot air, fans running any abnormal sound, duct patency. Sometimes encountered in antifreeze heater pipes for long periods of flow, condensation blocked circulation line situation, though not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair, so the problem must be timely to have a repair shop for repair.

Second, the need to check the antifreeze. Amount of antifreeze must be appropriate, repair stations proposal antifreeze every two years for a change, but the mix of antifreeze year must be replaced. Note the different brands of different types of products do not mix. Followed by oil. Winter car lubrication higher, if the oil used in the summer to be replaced, for the use of a longer time, the color black, poor adhesion oil should be replaced to ensure the engine starts smoothly.

Third, the winter when you can replace the high scale of gasoline, if you usually use the 90 gasoline can be exchanged for 93 gasoline. Because winter car environment temperature is low, the use of high scale higher gasoline ignition, sparking a little stronger.

Fourth, although the glass cleaning solution will significantly reduce the amount of winter in use, but it can not be ignored. Some people more than the amount in the other season with water and purify the water instead, but those substitutes regular winter freezes, it can not be used in winter. Below zero degrees Celsius in the winter environment should replace the winter frost glass cleaning solution, or added to an appropriate proportion of alcohol to lower the freezing point, freezing purposes.

Five, before winter is best to do a “cosmetic” for the car body. Because after the winter cold, the number of vehicles will be reduced scrub, so winter is a good way to maintain the early waxing the paint. Another body waxed easily accounted for water, winter ice is not easy to condensation phenomenon.

Six, the lights in the black light bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible, but also to check the fog lights, brake lights of the situation. Easy winter frost, low visibility, particularly rear-end accident, so fog lights, brake lights are working correctly, but also protect the safety of winter driving.truck tire

Seven, fear low battery, the battery capacity at low temperatures than at room temperature when the capacitor is much lower. Therefore, before the advent of the cold season, should be added to the electrolyte of the battery, adjust the proportion of good electrolyte. Also clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and ensure a reliable start to extend battery life. If a vehicle is parked in the open air or in the garage a few weeks do not, you should remove the batteries, stored in a warmer room, to prevent ice damage to the battery.



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