Car Care Tips careful examination

Most owners love their car, and pay attention to its maintenance and upkeep. But there will always be some of our vehicle out of reach or unexpected maintenance site. Although these areas difficult to reach, but for traffic safety but has a vital role, or could affect the car’s braking, fuel consumption, and some even affect the lives of the owners.

Ignition: aging will affect vehicle dynamics and fuel consumption

I believe we all know that the spark plugs, and some owners can replace the spark plug yourself, but compared with the ignition on a rarely concern. Some owners are wondering why nothing wrong with his car, but that is not love fire, with fuel consumption is high, power is poor, if not other causes, it is recommended that you conduct some checks on the ignition it. Ignition distributor and spark plugs at both ends of the connection, is the only path cars passed to the engine spark, due to the high frequency of use and the working environment is poor, prone to aging, damage and other phenomena, caused by lack of ignition energy, seriously affect vehicle dynamics and fuel consumption. Each vehicle is recommended to replace the ignition twenty thousand kilometers.

Brake disc: If clear scratches, the proposed replacement of the brake discs

I believe we are all familiar with the brake disc, there are a growing number of vehicle braking configuration gradually from late Qianpanhougu forward transition disk configuration. The benefits of the use of disc brakes in its own better heat resistance, but also easier to clean and replace. Most owners think that the brake pads wear more easily than the brakes, the brakes did not attract enough attention, in fact, force plate and sheet are mutual, contact friction will wear, brake pads and brake disc surface than smooth, easily influenced brakes on rough surfaces. Brakes itself is wearing parts, but we check and replace the brake pads, we should also pay attention to the condition of the brake disc surface, if the scratches appear relatively clear, the proposed replacement of the brakes, in order to avoid unintended consequences.

Wiper Maintenance: Regular cleaning prolong life

Few opportunities driving rain, relatively few opportunities to use the wiper, so some owners wiper blade for daily abnormal state, they are not high degree of attention. When the wiper effect until impact, the problem usually is very serious. In addition to everyday use, the windshield if the water is less, to carry out air wiper scraper, wiper easily exacerbate wear affects its level degrees. Rugged things appear above the windshield, such as when dry stool pigeons and other birds, but also hard to avoid the direct use of the wiper scratch. The material is mainly due to the wiper blade rubber, a long time will be aging hardens, owners can go to the auto shop to buy a rubber curing agent, a month to the wiper blade rubber parts spraying, can play a role in the conservation of rubber , the rubber strip can be extended at least 30% -50% of the service life. In addition, when found wiper wiper is not complete, you can also buy a wiper blade repair, a wiper blade tucked friction rubber parts to irregular wear parts repaired.truck tyre

If you are using the process, from the windshield wiper has been seen leaving the elongated streaks, it is difficult to see the outside world, this may be due to a foreign body or on the edge portion is worn wiper, treatment should not rush to replace , we must first clean the edge portion, if the symptoms have not been eliminated will need to be replaced.



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