How do maintenance on automatic models?

1. Always check the automatic transmission fluid level is normal. ATF inspection methods and engine oil is not the same, check the engine oil in the cold state, while the gearbox oil is the oil needs to be preheated to about 50 ℃, then the gear lever stays for 2 seconds in each gear after parking block is placed, then the normal oil dipstick should be located between the highest and the lowest line, such as not enough, it is timely to add the same quality oil.

2. Replace the ATF master cycle. Automatic transmission internal control mechanism is very precise, with a small gap, so most of the automatic transmission oil change intervals recommended by the manufacturer is generally two or four to 60,000 km. During normal use, the transmission fluid operating temperature is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so demanding on the quality of the oil, must also be kept clean. Secondly, the use of the gearbox oil will produce grease after a long time, there may be the formation of sludge, will increase the friction and wear of the components of the piece, but also affect the hydraulic system so that the power transfer is affected. Third, moving smoothly dirty oil sludge will each valve in valve, hydraulic control of the affected, so that the automatic transmission is abnormal.

3. The right to change the gearbox oil. Presently preferred method is a dynamic oil change oil change, using special cleaning equipment gearbox, gearbox running in the process, the full cycle of the old oil, drained and then adding new gearbox oil, so that the oil change rate up to 90 or more, to ensure good oil change effects.

Owners should take the initiative to train inspection, maintenance, maintenance of awareness, you can learn some maintenance, basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance, vehicle use carefully read the instructions, keep in mind some of the necessary data. Science of keeping a car, in order to ensure the vehicle is in good technical condition, to ensure traffic safety.truck tire



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