Mistakes car bulbs for everyday use

Sometimes the light bulb does not light or insufficient brightness, not because the bulb itself has failed, but the owners of their car enough to understand, or were caused by wrong operation. In addition, many people choose bulbs there are some errors, indirectly affecting the normal operation of the lamp, of course, these situations are completely avoidable.

Most owners believe that the best way to enhance the brightness of the light bulb is to increase the power, although this method may seem simple, but the final effect is very limited, and there are some security risks. Such as the 50W bulbs replaced 100W, not only does not significantly enhance the brightness, but due to the increased power lines caused overheating, accelerate the aging of the wire, while the voltage at both ends of the headlights will also decline, can easily cause the lamp shade and bowl deformation, discoloration and other phenomena.

Use misunderstanding, many cars are equipped with a parking warning lights, that is when the vehicle is temporarily parked on the roadside, through the front and rear lights show wide lights unilateral way to reach suggestive lighting, to attract attention of passing vehicles, accidents can be avoided to some extent.truck tyre

However, many people do not understand the use of the parking warning lights, often inadvertently be lit, then some owners think that lighting problems, or vehicle circuit malfunction. Another possibility is mistakenly parking warning lights turned on and the owners locked in the car and left unconscious state, the state of the lamp remains lit until the overstrained.



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