Proper use of car heater is very important

When it comes to how to use the air conditioner heater, I believe there will be some disdain many users think it is nothing to say, but a closer look will find that many owners was not very clear on the use of air conditioning in warm air, it appears that the basic operation or it is necessary to come to talk of.

Use of car air-conditioning heater

Car to heat:

Automotive air conditioning and heating function by the heat from the heater tank, so if you want air conditioning blowing warm air, the premise of the vehicle must be in normal temperature, which is the state of the vehicle to be in hot cars. Otherwise, jump start with air conditioning, air conditioning will cool breeze blowing whistle.

Air-conditioning cycle mode:

We had to do a test on the air conditioning heater, air conditioner heater in the open early in the cycle mode selection will bring better car warming effect, raise the temperature in the car to a certain extent, in order to ensure the flow of air inside the vehicle, we still recommend that you switch to the outside air conditioning timely circulation mode. Of course, this also depends on your area’s weather conditions may be.

Set the air temperature:

Maybe a lot of people think that the air temperature is set as high as possible, in fact Definitely not. The air temperature is too high, although the car will make rapid warming, but higher temperatures will slow driver reaction, car passengers will feel unwell, so in order to strike a balance between comfort and safety, we recommend that you set the air temperature preferably at about 22 ℃.

Set conditioned air volume:

Same as above mentioned setting air conditioning temperature, the excessive amount of warm air will affect the ride comfort of the passengers in the car, but also affect the driving safety of the driver, so we suggest that you use air conditioning in warm air when the air conditioning air flow transferred to the middle or lower gear.

Set the air conditioning airflow:

Air conditioning airflow generally be divided into the head, upper body, feet, etc., in the air conditioning panel will have the image of the icon to be noted. To be able to feel the warmth quickly, we can wind blowing straight transferred to the upper body, and if cold feet can be adjusted to the wind blowing foot.truck tyre



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