Cool automotive supplies

1, car refrigerator. The most popular car refrigerator young owners. Can bloom inside mineral water, cola drinks and fruit. Simply plug the refrigerator plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter can work properly, some simple refrigerator do not need the power, directly with ice on the line. The principle of using semiconductor car refrigerator, hot and cold dual-use basically. Summer using cooling mode can also be used in winter to warm drinks.

2, moving ice. After the ice in 10 hours in the refrigerator, and then into the beverage, can be reduced to a low temperature in a short time. Self protection features frozen ice up to several hours.

3, Liangdian. Summer chair to put the car seat is a good way to cool the temperature is lowered. Currently on the market a wide range of Liangdian to material points, there are linen, ice silk, bamboo, grass and other types, plus manufacturers launch new products every year, so Liangdian market product range is dazzling.

4, insulation film. In the hot summer, the owner should consider windows exposed to the sun, paste layer can effectively block ultraviolet light and heat of the film. Automotive Window Film has front and rear windscreen and side windshield membrane film points. Among them, the most demanding of the insulation film is the front windshield, moreover, when the UV index is higher the better the insulation film. Optional side windshield insulation film is more flexible, color is also more volatile. In addition, thermal effects and color depth of insulation film and there is no direct relationship between insulation membrane coating process is the key factor in determining the effect of thermal insulation.truck tire



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