How to detect and maintenance of tires?

1, often found to have no drum kits, cracks, cuts, nail bar and abnormal tire wear. If you find these cases, you must seek professional inspection and repair.
2, at least once a month to check the tire pressure in the car all the cooling conditions, such as found insufficient air pressure, you should look for the cause of the leak. (Make sure the tire pressure when the tires cool down to check.)
3, in the tread groove depth of 1.6 mm Location remaining signs of wear, tire wear wear signs so far, must be replaced. Use of more than a tire wear indicator is dangerous, especially in wetlands with, because the drainage performance has been greatly reduced.
4, in doing routine tire inspection and maintenance at the same time do not ignore the existence of the spare tire, be sure to regularly check the condition of the spare tire inflated to maintain the standard atmospheric pressure, at a critical moment to avoid becoming a decoration.
5, regular inspection of the vehicle wheel alignment, bad position if found, should be promptly corrected, otherwise it will cause irregular tire wear, tire life affect mileage, recommended every 8000-10000 km tune a bit.
Special Note: When the wheels for maintenance such as disassembly tire should be used a good quality tire changer, wheel and tire to avoid unnecessary damage.truck tire



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