Owners must see car maintenance cold knowledge

First, check the work
Be sure to do the inspection of the car chassis. Testing, commissioning thermostat performance. If the oil is not suitable for the car being used, should replace the engine, transmission, steering, etc. winter (oil or low temperature zone) lubricants, lubricants summer instead. Check the battery to see if sufficient power. Tire as people’s feet, is one of the most hard working travel site, so be sure to give the car tires do a system repair work, it is best to do a wheel alignment.
Second, water bacteria
High summer temperatures, we will open the air conditioning while driving, for a variety of bacteria thrive and create a favorable environment, so pay special attention to the car interior of bacteria work, let the car stay dry indoor health, especially for the car seat, the outlet of these health is more dead to do clean-up work, keep the car clean and tidy environment.
Third, the maintenance of air filter
It is equivalent to the car’s air filter nose, the air entering the engine to be the first “hurdle”, its role is to filter out the sand and some suspended particles in the air, so that the air entering the engine relatively clean, so as to ensure that the engine working properly. The summer air contains more dust, fine sand, it is prone to clogged air filter, then there will be difficult to start the engine, weakness, idle instability and other symptoms. General automotive air filter to be replaced once in 20,000 km, 10,000 km to conduct an inspection, the best summer of 1500 km on the checks, so that the engine is good.
Fourth, pay attention not to replace the coolant water
Summer season, temperatures rise rapidly, and some friends found insufficient coolant tank on casual supplemented with water. At this time, the car antifreeze is not the subject, but easy to produce water alkaline water, water, rust, and low boiling point, can easily lead to “boil.” Therefore not at liberty to replace the coolant water. At the same time changing the way check whether the left and right sides of coolant drain holes are blocked, so as not to rain, poor drainage, intrusion into the car.truck tire



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