Summer high temperatures Problems

1, the engine temperature is too high, you want to add antifreeze. Mostly due to the engine water temperature is too high due to lack of antifreeze, should the vehicle parked in the shade to cool, do not turn off, allow the engine to continue idling machine lifted the lid cooling, when the temperature down and then add antifreeze to the water tank, avoid pouring cold water to the engine, which could cause the engine cylinder burst, can not be repaired. Some owners simply use tap water instead of antifreeze, this is a wrong approach, because there are a lot of impurities in the water, easy to leave sediment in the engine, radiator, etc., so you can not use water to replace the antifreeze.

2. Check the cooling system and radiator cleaned. Also check “thermostat” is working properly, and must not be removed “thermostat.” Because “thermostat” is the size of circulating cooling fluid control switch, make engine operating temperature is maintained within an optimum range, so that the engine will power up the strongest, most wear filial lowest fuel consumption, if removed it will cause parts wear, low temperature will cause a loss of power, increased fuel consumption.

3. Clean the tank and the condenser. Tanks and condenser is an important component of the vehicle cooling system and air conditioning, along with long-term use of the vehicle, such as dust, sand, etc. will catkins inclusion in the gap between the two, so that will affect the temperature and air-conditioning refrigeration performance.

4, timely adjust tire pressure. Summer temperatures are high road leading to reduced tire heat, easy to cause a puncture accident, so to reduce the tire pressure. After a long period of time traveling to vehicles parked in the shade to cool the tires, not cold water, so as not to tire deformation.

5, at high temperatures to avoid spontaneous combustion vehicles. Spontaneous combustion vehicle is mainly caused by vehicle leak or spill. Car improper maintenance, spare parts and line breakage aging, it is easy to leak. The long corroded tank can easily leak. So avoid spontaneous combustion at high temperatures but also start from the car maintenance.

6, air conditioning use frequently, should be clean and filter the air duct. Furthermore, note that the refrigerant leaks and poor cooling. This is usually aged by the line of sealing gasket, refrigerant pressure abnormalities, caused damage to system components. Also note that the fan is working.truck tire



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