Winter Car Care attention to four areas

Keywords: Oil
Winter cold oil too thick, it will affect the start, but also to increase the mechanical wear and tear. Meanwhile heat the oil too thin will reduce vehicle lubrication and sealing performance. To choose a high-quality composite oil for winter. If at or near the specified oil change time, preferably before the weather cools replaced.
Keywords: Chassis
Sometimes accompanied by cold rain, car chassis and rain always deal directly, it is easy to rust. Speeding tires would surface water flung the car chassis. After the weather was fine, the car’s chassis began to rust. So, if it is necessary to take the time, to be anti-rust chassis care.
Keywords: Battery
Fear low battery, the battery capacity at low temperatures than at room temperature when the capacitor is much lower. Therefore, before the advent of the cold season, should be added to the electrolyte of the battery, adjust the proportion of good electrolyte. Also clean the battery terminals to ensure a reliable start to extend battery life.
Keywords: tire
Tire rubber will harden in the winter and relatively brittle, the friction coefficient is reduced, so tire pressure is not too high. Outside temperature is low, if the tire pressure is too low, it will accelerate the aging of soft tires. Always clean up winter inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up the tires more than once.truck tyre



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