Winter Car Care Know

Recent cold weather day, careful you believe that long since become a winter wardrobe to replace equipment. Is there a car ready for the winter season? Let me hands to the car a thorough examination and fully equipped.

First, the appearance of the conservation:

After (a) shall be promptly wash snow, clear with acidic, corrosive substances snow, avoid paint damage, premature rust.

(B) winter vehicle washing with warm water, rinse with cold water can not directly. Especially after the engine warming up, cold water will cool rapidly, causing the hood surface paint chap. After washing should be dry water mark to open the door to prevent the door at the residual water ice, frozen doors, the windows were frozen when not forced to switch.

Second, oil conservation:

(A) should be replaced for oil in winter. Prevent ordinary lubricating viscosity due to temperature drop and fluidity, leading automotive cold start problems, can cause serious accidents, such as bush-burning axle.

(B) the freezing point of antifreeze should be lower than the lowest temperature in the region of about 10 ℃, for once at least every two years. In antifreeze has been added over the water, antifreeze must be replaced.

Three, electrical conservation:

(A) winter car power consumption, the battery must timely care. Clear oxide battery pile head, and add distilled water. Low temperature will greatly reduce battery capacity, preferably a thorough charging. General battery life is two to three years. If battery life is near, especially automatic car, the best replacement in advance to avoid delaying.

(B) cold-start problems, should be separated about 30 seconds to launch again, avoid continuous ignition, to avoid causing damage to the starter and the battery runs out of power.

Temperature difference (three) winter car outside the large windows fogging easily affect the eye, so to keep the windshield, side vents, rear window electric heating wire is in good condition.

(Four) in winter should launch vehicle ignition, until the engine is working properly, and then open the headlights and other electrical equipment; parking should be first off the appliance, then turn off; try not parking lot power, especially electric windows, headlights, audio and other large power equipment

Fourth, the car chassis:

(A) winter snow, snow sprinkle salt after road car chassis always rain, snow to deal directly, it is easy to rust. Speeding tires would highly salty snow flung the car chassis, making the car’s chassis rust. Therefore, before the winter should be given anti-rust chassis care, snow travel is not afraid of the damaged chassis.truck tire



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