Winter car care needs attention to detail

The onset of winter, cold weather, snow and ice of the car is also facing challenges. Insiders suggested that the owner of the car conservation, note antifreeze, glass of water, batteries, tires and lighting and other details of the five maintenance to ensure safe winter driving.
As a battery-powered device is very sensitive to low temperature, low temperature environment capacitance lower than normal temperature.
For low-volume low-temperature characteristics of the battery, the owner of the road should reduce the switching frequency of the electrical equipment, and pay attention to the timely removal of the oxide electrode wiring to the battery, and battery conservation.
Tires at low temperatures will harden, easily damaged, proper tire pressure adjustments, and check the tires for scratches, eliminate safety hazards.
To remind the industry, more rain and snow in winter, in case of low visibility, the vehicle lights are working correctly is essential. Check before infrequently used, the rear fog light is particularly important.truck tyre



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