Winter car maintenance should pay attention to what

First, adjust the tightness of the handbrake. Winter owners have a common feeling, is that the handbrake is not so easy. Slippery winter roads, the role of the handbrake more needs to adjust the tightness to prevent the occurrence of a small collision avoidance.

Second, the tire exchange position. As the car has some camber positioning and high on both sides of the road in the middle of the characteristics of low tire wear different inside and outside, in order to ensure safety to reduce wear and tear, you should periodically replace the tire position.

Third, check the fuse box. Fuse box failure cause of the accident broke down halfway, the frequency of occurrence in the cold winter has improved significantly. Cleaning, inspection and timely replacement of hidden fuse, fuse box to keep clean and avoid problems in winter due to fuse broke down.

Fourth, check the rubber wiper blade. Low winter temperatures of aging become stiff rubber wiper blade can not be used, to ensure the safety of the best replacement.

Five, before checking the lights, light bulbs. Check beforehand to replace the good black light bulbs, can reduce the number of times in the winter, changing a light bulb.truck tyre



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