Winter is very important to replace automotive lubricants

Cooler weather, common lubricants at low temperatures become more thick, liquidity weakened, causing the vehicle to start and easy to wear increased. Therefore, the owner must use ordinary lubricants do not forget to give your car an oil change.

Universal Lubricants is the preferred

Engine oil should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of choice, it can not require the use of too advanced on the lower engine oil, nor can the lower level of the oil used on demanding engines. Lubricants may choose to go up a level in the manufacturer’s recommended on the basis of, or use synthetic oil for better performance.

In addition, there is a common winter oil on the market right now. Universal oil temperature regardless of how changes can maintain a more stable lubricating properties, play a better engine protection. Therefore, this oil is the best choice.

If the engine is new or in good condition, and should use the lowest possible viscosity of the oil, such as 0W-40,5W-40 and 10W-40, etc., so that the faster flow of the lubricant, reducing wear at startup. If you are in the hot season or the engine has been worn to a certain extent, we must use high-viscosity oil, such as 15W-50, etc., which will help form a thick film, to maintain the pressure of oil and reduce oil consumption.

Lubricating oil additive is not necessary

Experts said that is generally not recommended additive in lubricating oils. Because components of the lubricant itself is a base oil and additives, the formulation has a variety of testing and screening. Then add additives may be counterproductive, not only reduces the lubricant and wear clean original function, but also increase the sludge and coke, affecting engine performance and service life.

Professionals advise, at the same time changing the oil, lubricating oil filter typically need to be replaced, so as to make new replacement oil play better effect. And oil products between different brands can not be mixed in.

Identification of good or bad a trick

Currently on the market there are many fake fish, many owners could not identify the quality of lubricating oil, and now teach you the recipe. The first to be observed. If the oil is clear, yellow-brown, indicating that its quality is better; if the color is muddy or emulsification, indicating water and more; such as oil burning smell, indicating premature oxidation or mixed with other oils. The second is to see whether there is a precipitate, the precipitate is not much good oil. Third, you can drop in on the oil above 110 ℃ iron or exhaust pipe, where there is the sound of the explosion, indicating that the oil contains water.

In fact, the safest way is to specify the dealer, big brand gas station or repair shop to purchase oil or oil changes.truck tyre



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