Attending the concert dress Know

Modern etiquette, different occasions, different activities have the appropriate clothing with matching. Elegant theater to watch the show, also need to have appropriate clothing to match the elegant, gorgeous artistic atmosphere.

Formerly, the European theater mostly wealthy nobility or Sheriff social spaces, special attention will be in accordance with tradition, people go to watch the show on the dress.

Today, enjoy the show is no longer exclusively a social group, but as a way of everyday culture and leisure. Although no longer watch the show today with a strong sense of ritual, but in accordance with the convention’s rules, people will still watch their clothing when requested. So should choose a relatively formal dress, jeans, shorts, slippers, vests and other dress up for the big theater, it would seem out of place when watching the evening dress

Attend concerts or performances, men dress is easier to grasp. A dark suit or tuxedo tie or tie plus a pair of polished light can Kam dark shoes, coupled with polite manners, is a grand occasion for men in the eternal theme. The women’s wear is great variability. In general, a fit dress plus elegant manners, even at the stage, but also allows you to become the focus of attention.



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