Orient face exclusive dress

First, of course, you want to know what kind of face they belong. We face the most common Asians roughly divided into four categories: oval (perfect face, the face of the edge curve is smooth), a round face (face no significant difference in the length and width of the face, edge curve is smooth), square face (facial edge lines straight, chin, more square) and diamond-shaped face (cheek of the most wide forehead and narrow chin, edge curve obviously).
We Asians oval is defined as “perfect face”, indeed, in perfect proportion, based on the face, the more rounded facial lines are likely to create intimacy. The bride has an oval face is suitable for any type of tuxedo collar, just like the style further selection based on the body can be. Round it is very easy to create a lovely shape, but in front of the camera, but often at a disadvantage, even if slim, if worn properly it will produce visual “expansion” effect. So round the bride must not select any of the neckline is too small, and V-neck evening dress can be a good stretch of the neck and face lines, it is suitable for round face of the bride.
Square face the biggest feature is more square chin, looks soft enough. In order to weaken the jawline, you can choose with lace at the neckline or collar tuxedo. The diamond-shaped face due to face proportioned three-dimensional, it is easy to create a star effect, and an oval face, like, for any collar tuxedo.cheap evening dress



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