How to choose wedding style

Selection of wedding before. You can choose to go in front of the trend of the wedding; if it is conservative ritual, it is necessary to determine the wedding season, the exact time, place and style. Wedding should be coordinated with the wedding style. If you’re a wedding is a very stylish wedding. Choose classical and grand wedding must be right; if the wedding in the countryside or in the garden, wedding dress to choose suitable for outdoor light and lively style.

Choose a wedding style

Good budget, wedding and other expenses spent on accessories. You can customize a wedding the most fit his mind. Of course, the wedding is generally accounted for 6-15% of the appropriate fee. If the budget is off match. To rent a bridal salon or studio is also a good way, you can save a great amount of money.

Select 2 wedding style

Select locations recommended locations to choose from. In general, the production quality is reliable. You can also listen to the recent wedding of friends, colleagues opinions. 5 Make sure the wedding style choice of time, if you need to customize the wedding. Do not be less than the minimum nine months, it is best to begin a year in advance to pick. This time will be more abundant. Because design a wedding dress takes about four months, and it is best to reach your hand in the two months before the wedding, it is easy to modify the wedding dress



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