How to match shoes wedding photographs

First, the style

For temptation trend, I believe that no one method to resist, therefore, wedding erupted in frequent changes of surprise, but also to all kinds of styles of shoes boarded a wedding this humble, simple or complex, can be wrapped or bare do with each people like to pick and apply.
Closed toe and heel are exposed heels like a string section as beautiful arch, both open shoes charm, there are all-inclusive security shoes, plus tip design, revealing an elegant, noble sense.
After the thin air with open-toed style no longer seem undignified, bare represents fashion, both before and after the opening of this design is ideal for Gongchoujiaocuo night.
Baotou, naked with heels to become a wedding ceremony in a common style, it can match the wedding during the day, and combined with the evening in style and elegance but also taste, the most important thing is to not let your face smile, my heart cried pain.
Second, the heel

Thin heel is the most classic, most reflect a woman feminine and sexy shoes, wearing delicate thin heel wedding or evening match, can seem natural body upright, it is more slender leg lines.
Thick heel tall heel lets you immediately increase 5-10 centimeters, but also increase your soft feminine. Compared with thin heels, thick heel wearing more comfortable, stable and upright, and brought a sense of solemn neutral atmosphere.
Its base fine with sandals shoes break “with the + soles” boring design, cutting-edge fashion. Its base stable shoes, floor feel at ease, comfortable and immediate results can adjust the proportion of body. Due to the larger heel, its base shoe designed more than fine with sandals play room, can be used with a variety of different styles and suitable dress.
Three colors

When buying shoes in the past in order to facilitate the match bride wedding dress, choose the three basic colors red black and white, not color, but safe. Today, the bride’s wedding dress is no longer tedious, not only the pure white color, then used to match the shoes do not appear to common sense, gold, silver, pink, mustard yellow, green, purple-hyun, peacock blue full wedding
Nowadays, white is still the mainstream, but not the same color of white, ivory, white, etc. limelight, revealing pure color changes, and carve a hierarchical pattern, bring out the women’s soft, but it is not suitable with the red cheongsam match.
Black high heels dress is still a good partner, but has been coupled with shiny color, appear flexible.
Noble and elegant yellow highlights temperament, the expression of a stylish atmosphere.
Fashion bright gold, red, also good, the point is a little shiny, but also matched with crystal, diamonds, etc. for decoration.



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