Warm winter wedding to note

Winter can be on location wedding it? Of course not, but in the winter, summer wedding location shooting a lot of trouble, just enough to keep the cold wind of new people have suffered terribly than others. So, prepare winter wedding location shooting newcomers, we must pay attention to the following points:
Drink some drugs to prevent colds in advance. Autumn and winter cold and dry weather, the couple in front of preparation on location, it is best to drink some cold medicine Radix confrontation, remember that day with a mug shot put, one to resist the cold, two drink some hot water will be more comfortable.
Bring a big down jacket, the long, wide, when not taken in time to wear warm. If not, the bride and the groom wore a coat on it. Should bring warm baby, it is best to choose the kind you can stick in the wedding dress Slim thermal underwear to wear under the warm baby attached to the clothes you can, remember not directly attached to the skin.
Winter wedding photography location of couples choose wedding dress, be sure to choose thick fabric wedding dress, popular summer chiffon gauze and a place to put it, acrylic, cotton, velvet is the best option. Want more elegant, you can choose a match with the wedding shawl, of course, can also increase the warmth of the bride.
Winter on location wedding we must do weatherization work, so as to better enjoy the fun of taking pictures, leaving the most beautiful memorial.cheap wedding dress:www.dressgogogo.com



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