Know arranged marriage bed

Marriage bed layout rules: Sheets

Bed sheets are the main products, the best choice hygroscopic good natural cotton products, or use fiber cotton, linen so soft and comfortable. A class of poor Dacron polyester blend moisture absorption, easy to produce static, dust stick to the election would choose a lower polyester composition.

Newlyweds use sheets, to use colorful, large-scale multi-chromatic patterns to express a warm festive atmosphere. Sheets should not be too thick rough, because dust easily through the eyelet sheets deposited on the mattress. Hard mattress want to compare as well, because the spring mattress or foam pad little benefit to humans, especially children, should not choose this type of mattress. Double mattress with two shoulder twice appropriate.

Marriage bed layout rules: quilt

Table can be used by the selection of satin quilt. Cotton as well be in order. Shoulder width of the quilt to 1 times the appropriate, quilt length should be 30-50 cm longer than the body.

Now the market is usually quilt, quilt sets directly into it, good for a good wash, convenient and easy. Now the mall selling ready-made quilt with cotton basically, vacuum sewing cotton and other materials, but also warm and clear blamed for a good cleaning. Cotton basically been prom dress

Marriage bed layout rules: bedspread

Bedspreads are more important things in bed is a bed decorations, the main role is to cover gray. The bedroom is the first thing you see it, it is the tone of the entire bedding. Color should be bright, to printing, embroidery, embossing and other relatively large and beautiful design, but also with room furniture colors, styles harmonize because of the wedding, which have a warm atmosphere of joy, but also reflect the owner’s temperament and upbringing. Because people are not close to the skin bedspread, not have to use cotton products, the choice of Dacron or poplin, because it does not play crisp crepe.



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