Season with evening dress

A spring
Evening dress with spring effect is to give the feeling of a warm, transparent, clean feeling.

1, color: light ivory, warm beige, delicate and have a sense of transparency

2. Hair color: bright as silk brown, soft brown, maroon. Hair soft.

3. Eyes: Like glass ball like Olympus light, bright brown eyes, Topaz, whites feel blue lake.
With skills: this season’s dress color can not be too obvious or too dark old. Should choose warm colors in bright colors on color contrasts with the principles to be followed. Suitable colors are: green, peach color, beige, lemon, coral, mint color, ivory, etc., if you choose red color, it should be orange, orange based.
Second, summer
Summer evening dress with a soft effect is to make the bride look, gives a refreshing subtle feeling for the blues with a cool color.

1, color: pink, white skin, blue-tinted brown skin, the skin color of wheat.

2. Hair color: soft black, gray and black, soft brown or dark brown.

3. Eyes: eyes soft, the overall feeling of gentle eyes were burnt brown, dark brown.
With skills: this season’s evening dress, the color should be blue for the end tone, choose pastel colors. Avoid excessive contrast colors, preferably with the same color shades, the results were better. Suitable colors are: gray, purple, white, pink and purple, aqua blue, emerald green, jade, blue, red and so on.

Third, Fall
Summer evening dress with the bride gives the effect is to make the rich rich, noble feeling of maturity.

1, color: ivory porcelain-like skin, deep orange, dark tan or yellow-orange.

2. Hair color: brown, brown or copper, chocolate.

3. Eyes: dark brown, umber, ivory whites or slightly green and white.
With skills: the fall of the bride should behave as mature and luxurious, this season’s dress is the most suitable color gold, moss green, orange and other colors. If you choose red, then choose dark brick red and orange colors similar. Autumn evening dress in warm color tone is calm tones. Therefore, the rich and beautiful color can bring out the mature noble temperament. Suitable colors are: all orange line, red maple leaf, green leaf, red bean color, golden color, cream and white.

Four, winter
Summer evening dress with the bride gives the pure effect is clear, strong feeling glamorous.

1, color characteristics: plainer or slightly olive, tan with blue. Cool not see blush color.

2, hair color feature: shiny black, dark brown, silver gray, deep burgundy.

3. Eye Feature: Eye black and white, sharp eyes, eyes as dark, umber.
With skills: Winter bride dress preferred choice should be a solid color shades. Because colors among seasons, winter dress is most suitable for use gray, black, white three colors, among other colors, dark blue is also possible. When you select red, optional is red, burgundy red roses. Suitable colors are: black, gray, white, dark blue, burgundy, red roses and other pure prom dress



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