Winter wedding photographs required precautions

1, before shooting must maintain good mental state, not because of an excessive amount of weight loss caused by physical deterioration. Otherwise, in the case of weak shooting easier to feel cold, and will lead to the physical condition after shooting appear red.

2, winter is the season of colds, especially the bride and try not to let your body in the shooting early problems. In poor health is difficult to achieve when the photographer

To fit nearly caused difficulties of shooting. One week can prevent colds Radix start drinking some sort of institutional strengthening before shooting drugs to ensure their optimal state when shooting.

3, in the dress, the groom can follow the daily wear, but the bride attention to the following questions: is best to carry a coat or jacket, then less so there will not be cold to wear, when it temporarily off camera, shoes The best is to choose high-heeled, are generally not exposed shoes, but you can make new

Mother appear more slender. Of course, you can wear boots, as long as no exposed leg when shooting are not subject, so the bride can be a little warmer. If the bride chose not barelegged long paragraph wedding dress, you can wear a close-fitting pants wool pants, both to keep warm, and there may be slim, but also for wedding photographs did not have much impact. If you choose the wedding dress is a short section of barelegged, you must wear pants and stockings of the same color skin, no external winter is best not to choose this type of wedding.

If you still feel that the above measures are not enough, then cold, then bring your hands warm treasure it – that without charging warm baby is the best, simply press the chip inside it. Because when the wedding photographs of autumn clothes need to take off, stick to the body warm baby or wedding are not feasible. So the best way is to wear a little short vest with elastic, so that can not only remove the bra straps fixed, and can be glued to the vest baby warm outside, wear a wedding dress, even in cold weather will feel very warm inside .cheap prom dress



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