Ms. evening dress collocation

Commonly used in dinner suits or gala dinner and other occasions. Its basic features similar dress, no collar, halter, long skirts or availability to heel. Except that the evening gown with sleeves, color is generally white.

Dinner suits and evening dresses for dress wear color selection effect plays a very crucial role. There is a very famous example may illustrate this point. A few years ago, the British Queen Mother attended the London concert. Although the septuagenarian Queen Mother, silver-haired, but dressed in bright red rose dress, decorated with silver fox-colored long shawl. Silver shawl with silver hair and a red rose dress in perfect harmony with the constitution. In a large group of men dressed in black dress interspersed between the middle, making her extraordinarily elegant. Many people are against the presence of the Queen Mother’s grace much appreciated.

Women in formal occasions, men should be fully aware of the tone of the foil dress black dress generated female role, and use this to bring awareness to choose clothing colors. Even still the choice of gray, black evening dress, then we should try to use more strongly reflective clothing and accessories. Bare skin is dotted with luxury jewelry best place.

Formal evening dress can not use a hat as a match, and a variety of dazzling brilliance Hair Accessories are the perfect decoration. If using fresh flowers as hair, then you should choose orchids, roses and other precious and full of fragrant evening dress

Another evening dress accessories to match with it, and that is the glove. Due to a long dress gloves, all inconvenient to wear off, so even at formal occasions recently, few people used to wear. But if attending a formal grand dinner, a pair of gloves, a long dress is necessary.

It should be emphasized that it is, at the same time gold and silver should be avoided with the use. At the same time, even with the use, it should be emphasized, otherwise it will “rudderless”, disrupting the overall decorative effect.



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