Pay attention to check the tire

Remind the majority owners of friends, the winter tire rubber will harden and relatively brittle, will reduce the friction coefficient, tire pressure is not too high, not too low, but more low outside temperature, tire pressure is too low, soft tires can accelerate the aging serious, and increased tire contact with the ground, will accelerate the friction and reduce tire life.
Winter also frequent cleaning of inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once in the tire, replace worn out different brands and different patterns of large tires. Tire wear different inside and outside, in order to ensure safety to reduce wear and tear, replace the tires regularly to bits.
In addition, the body, the lights darkened bulb replaced as soon as possible, but also to check the fog lights, brake lights of the situation. Easy winter frost fog, low visibility, particularly rear-end accident, so fog lights, brake lights are working correctly, but also protect the safety of winter driving.

Experts also advise that if the owners are often driving to the frozen area, it is best to do a nearby “Beauty” for the car body. Because after the winter cold, the number of vehicles will be reduced scrub, so early winter waxing is a good way to maintain the paint. Another body waxed difficult wet, winter will not be easily ice condensation phenomena in the low temperature region.truck tyre



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