Timely replacement of engine antifreeze

Timely replacement of engine antifreeze
Experts advise, check the antifreeze in winter driving needs, the amount of antifreeze must be appropriate. Suggested to replace the engine antifreeze, especially mixed (in particular in the summer over the water added) antifreeze must be replaced.
Guangzhou’s car to the north, if the engine cooling water, antifreeze concentration is too low, the engine water will freeze, causing the vehicle can not be started in the morning. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the concentration of antifreeze, is generally maintained at 70% can be. Tan also said that, even in the South, but also need to increase the concentration of antifreeze, usually add a bottle, then you need to add two bottles, usually not more than 50% can be. Thus, whether it is in Guangzhou, or driving to the frozen north, do not have to worry about the car could not beat the fire.
In addition, experts advise to pay attention to the different brands do not mix different types of products, but also according to formal models to choose different brands of antifreeze, if the choice of poor antifreeze, not only will the water temperature, but also corrode the engine. In addition, the use of warm air in winter but also to the season, warm air system to stop using for a long time after, there will be failures, so the owners of friends to try there first hot air, fans running any abnormal sound, duct patency. Sometimes encountered in antifreeze heater pipes for long periods of flow, condensation blocked circulation line situation, though not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair. With the problem must be repaired in time to the repair shop, so, your car will be able to survive the winter.truck tyre



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