Tuxedo wearing jewelry


Choose pearls, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, high-quality accessories, also choose artificial gems.


Multi-loop with high-heeled sandals or modification of fine and strong, high heels and dress appropriate, if the toes exposed, you have the face, hands makeup synchronization to be modified.


Ingenious, multi-use patent leather, soft leather, velvet, gold and silver blended material, made in conjunction with the craft mosaic, embroidery, knitting, etc., gorgeous, romantic, sophisticated, decency is a common feature of the package taking Evening.cheap evening dress

Gaudy makeup

Petite stature who – for the waist, yarn surface, waist discount dress, body modification ratio. Should try to avoid too fluffy skirt pants, rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration; upper body can be more changes recommended waist V-micro low rise design in order to increase the slender sense.

Tall person – natural coat hanger, any style of dress can be trying, especially Baoshen fishtail hem of the wedding was better show appearance.

Plump figure who – for straight line cutting, wear more slender. Lace flowers should use a thin flat lace, high collar style is not optional; should avoid complicated waist, skirt design.



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