What styles of traditional dress

Evening dress evening formal dress worn after 20:00, the ladies dress in the highest grade, most unique, fully display the personality style of dress. Also known as evening dress, dinner dress, prom dress. Often with shawls, jackets, capes like the clothes match, with beautiful decorative gloves together constitute the whole outfit effect.

Traditional dress style: that women are slim waist, exaggerated skirt below the hips fully expose a sense of weight, shoulder, chest, arm, leaving space for the performance of gorgeous jewelry. Such as: low neckline designs to decorate a strong sense of design to highlight the elegant, focused use of mosaics, embroidery, pleated collar thin, gorgeous lace, bow, roses, gives a classical, orthodox dress impression.cheap evening dress

Traditional dress fabric: the night for the purpose of communication, in order to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere, mostly silk fabric selection, flash and some gorgeous satin, noble materials.


Choose pearls, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, high-quality accessories, also choose artificial gems.


Multi-loop with high-heeled sandals or modification of fine and strong, high heels and dress appropriate, if the toes exposed, you have the face, hands makeup synchronization to be modified.



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