Winter Car Care must then

Winter Body Care
Before winter, you can add a layer to the car body protective film. Containing Teflon polymer coating of paint or mirror glaze, etc., can withstand acid rain or acid rain and snow during the winter to the north encountered salt erosion. Because some local roads after snow sprinkling salt water, salt water splashing into the car body paintwork great harm, some advance preparedness, Hunan and other places to travel are not afraid of the snow damaged the paintwork.
Chassis Winter Care
Guangzhou winter, car chassis and rain always deal directly, it is easy to rust. Speeding tires would highly acidic rain knocking on car chassis. After the storm, the car’s chassis began to rust. So, take the time to your best after the winter, to be anti-rust chassis care.
Automotive air conditioning to be adjusted
Air conditioning is blowing cold air for a long time after, in Guangzhou will no longer use it for some time, then, is likely to have to start working to blow hot air. Then you need to adjust, such as automotive air conditioning and refrigeration systems for some time parked, moving parts, there will be “killed” phenomenon, resulting in increased resistance torque start, the air conditioning electromagnetic clutch slipping, excessive wear, but also to seal dry, adhesions and failure, causing leaks. Therefore, the point of winter maintenance of car air conditioning systems are: monthly air conditioning and refrigeration systems start 2-3 times, every 10 minutes or so, so much fuel consumption, but it avoids the evaporator, compressor heavy losses. You can choose to start the cooling system temperature is higher than 10 ℃ than a sunny day, in a moving way open for 5-10 minutes.
To check the headlight good care
Winter days are short and nights are long, long time with the lights, the lights timely maintenance is essential for the owners, because it affects not only driving comfort, but also directly related to traffic safety. Usually before getting reminded, the owner is difficult to realize that headlights, taillights, turn signals or parking lights no longer work properly.
Owners usually use and maintenance, pay attention to whether the ground inspection side turn signals, fog lights, brake lights and other work, if found, black light bulbs should be replaced. Incidentally, replace burned out bulbs work is very simple, cost less than their DIY repair station for the lighting system maintenance fees. Temporary lights in case there is a problem, you can replace yourself, replace lights on such a trifle unnecessary to run the repair shop. Prior to this, the owners need to do is, usually pay more attention, understand instructions lights, headlights know installation method. If conditions permit, you can spare a few lights.
After checking the lights, the owner must also check the lights dust cover is intact. If there has been damage to the dust cover, driving rain, when it is easy to enter, in the shade inside the formation of mist, so the brightness of the lights will be greatly affected, a long time may corrode plugs, wires. Mist simple approach is to turn on the headlights, the use of heat to fog lights disappear, if this approach does not allow the mist to disappear, to go to the professional automotive service station for processing.
How cars off the road during the curing
If, in some cases, some owners had to be suspended to the car for some time, then, should be prepared to advance prevention efforts, to take the necessary maintenance measures to make it in good condition.
Finishing car wash
Car parked in front, should the whole car wash finishing clean, do not leave mud stains. Tire pressure should be transferred cap and close the whole car circuit. If you park in more than a month, only to tire pressure is transferred to the ceiling, and should be every week, timed to move the vehicle a few centimeters.
Parking in the garage or keep ventilated parking garage should keep the ventilation, the air relative humidity below 70%. In parts and parts easily corroded surfaces should be coated with oil, grease or bandaged with greaseproof paper. For pores on each assembly mechanism should be sealed to prevent air, water and dust into the interior.truck tyre



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