Winter car engine Care

First of all we are saying is the engine of winter care. In the winter, sometimes appears difficult to start the engine is a common fault, because this season the temperature is too low, the oil viscosity significantly increased resistance becomes large, cold start the engine will be very difficult, but this failure on the old particularly evident. But there is a trick to avoid this situation. As long as you pay attention to the parking method, we can solve the problem. Cold start problems, the main reason is that the engine temperature is too low, so we just let the engine heat, keep the cooler in the evening wind blowing directly in the engine compartment, you can avoid the car could not beat. Therefore, in the winter, to pay attention to the direction of the front of the park, it is best to let the front facing of buildings, use of the building to the wind, to prevent the engine is cold winds and cold. Parking at night can be the front direction toward the sun, so that the first rays of the morning sun can shine on the car’s head, helping the engine to heat up, so the bus much easier.truck tyre



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