Groom and dress with color

One, clear skin

Such groom itself is very strong color contrast, hair, eyes, deep color, very perfectly clear skin. This men’s suit colorful, rich colors suit dress. Single color or contrasting stripes groom suit, charcoal gray, navy, charcoal or dark brown and dark olive green are more suitable.

Second, the white skin

Such groom faces white, with light hair and eyes, so wearing a dress and groom do not have too deep too gray color, or the use of transition color shirts adjust the balance, so as not to affect the complexion. Single color or gray striped clip groom suit will make you look elegant, charcoal, blue, gray and brown series are optional.

Third, brown skin

Such men have yellow to brown-black Oriental color, more in line with people of color. These men choose a dark suit groom dress suit, a strong contrast with color look more healthy and angry. Popular charcoal gray (pure color, weave fine) and charcoal brown, dark blue (one color or with plain pure spots, stripes) dark olive suit is a good choice.

Fourth, dark skin

Such a lack of men seems more features, hair, eyes, skin color are more moderate, less from the eye, but the choice of dress in dark suits and groom can reflect the elegant bearing. Try some neutral tones and groom suit with the same stain point, charcoal gray, light dark blue, gray, taupe, charcoal, blue, green and so on prom dress



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