Stature with a choice of wedding dress


There are always a few girls is recognized by the beauty that is the height of 168 cm. Neck, shoulders, torso, chest, waist, thighs, buttocks and legs, etc., must have a satisfactory proportion of women. This standard body what to wear are beautiful. Under the premise of reconciling colors can be worn any prevailing fashion.


Similarly slim women, and their dress is also a good choice. Body slim, medium or small breasts, buttocks, thin, flat, no fat belly and thighs next. This body should be relatively easy to dress, but to avoid low-waist trousers or tights. Suitable for wearing a pleated skirt, loose suit, loose pleated trousers.

Jiao small

Height 155 cm below the charming small, no matter what body. Due to length restrictions have been, in the range of clothing can change in size is much smaller than the strong. Jiao small people assume that wearing high heels or comb straight hair, you can make the body slim, it is the effort of the province of white. And will look funny or out of tune. The best dressed orientation is clean, concise, straight line prom dress



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