Wedding style categories

Wedding dress design can be divided into minimalist, Romantic, gorgeous and elegant faction faction of the four categories.

Minimalism: minimalist lines tend to bring out the best qualities of people dress, how to use simple lines to emphasize their strengths, minimalism of a university is to ask. Exquisite tailoring and premium fabric is minimalism excels, it can very well reflect the grade and quality of the wedding, making the bride stand out in the crowd, for the character of an independent bride.

Romantic: When it comes to marriage we immediately think of “romantic” word, how to create a natural and romantic style wedding it openwork lace, embroidered with small floral transparent folds, multi-level loose skirt? pendulum, drag a long veil … is the perfect embodiment of the romantic style of the wedding, the bride for a strong cultural atmosphere.

Gorgeous faction: Admittedly, ornate style will always be some bright spots, but I would also like to highlight presenting gorgeous noble, so pay attention to the basic principles with gorgeous style. Complex hand-sewn skirt stacked together fantasy, this French palace-style wedding, the bride can be good family atmosphere gorgeous performance exhaustive.

Elegant School: This is the most popular bridal dress, long hair on high beam, plus excellent classic plain old raw materials such as lace wedding dress, embroidery, beading, coupled classical long veil, can be showing the most perfect bride, the most elegant and prom dress



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