Wedding Style

Classic traditional wedding style

Use cloth and cloth gloss is more complex, emphasizing the use of light to highlight the three-dimensional characters; and modeling and scene partial concise style.

Elegant wedding style micro-America

Through sophisticated post-production with different backgrounds wedding dress, walk and elegant tone to show elegance, but also a little innocent and sweet feeling.

Fashion classic wedding style

Bold attempt elements of conflict, seemingly deliberately touch with Tobe style together, using continuous light when shooting, such weak light intensity, color temperature changes, easier to control depth of field.

Clean face makeup

In order to highlight the texture of the skin, the light through the makeup is necessary. Recommend the use of pearl powder can emphasize a sense of the T-site and reflective triangle, light foundation, and then a little touch of lipstick; focus on face makeup eyebrow and eye, can enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadow modification. Famous wedding makeup mostly natural delicate face, it is recommended to select a single color to the makeup, you can faint.

Simple and elegant wedding dress

Wedding should choose a simple design and elegant style, or traditional wedding style common in the skirt cover with a layer of tulle skirt wedding style, can make the bride look soft light. Also popular in recent years, was full of “short in front long” style wedding, witty and clear cute little light, but can also expose the leg lines Mimi Oh!


Will follow the facial hair and the overall shape of the bride to make combinations and design, simple yet monotonous, but also elegant atmosphere, unauthorized use of layering and the beauty to render. Various types of veil, delicate crown, flower hair accessories, jewelry tiara, crystal tiara, etc., try to use a small area in order to “embellishment” which, added to the veil, so that the overall atmosphere of the hair style is simple but at the same time can increase the sense of depth and richness hairstyle, fashion sense through these small thinking, prom dress



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