Car maintenance car soundproofing teach you self-test

1. port, you can try to sound in the cockpit, so that people outside the car to car noise performance evaluation.

2. hand, it is essential that a hand to touch and feel, Qingdao Parkview car maintenance reports, the impact of acoustic material properties are mainly two aspects, one is the material composition, the other is the density of the material, which in terms of both hands can feel out of touch.

3. eye, carefully controlled acoustics package diagram, the corresponding parts of the car to see if there is a corresponding sound-proofing material.

4. ears, Qingdao Parkview car maintenance that the ear is the best car sound testing equipment, static, then you can listen to the sound of closing, many people have heard the voice of advanced vehicle closed relatively low, which is due to luxury cars soundproofed done quite sake; dynamic, you can test drive to be evaluated.

5. nose, sense of smell can feel the VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions from passenger compartment is exceeded. Qingdao Parkview car maintenance noted that although many factors affecting VOC (seat, in control, carpet, ceiling, etc.), and many interior components such as leather seats with poor materials will lead to increased emissions of VOC car, but the car noise contribution amount of material is not small.truck tyre



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