Car maintenance knowledge

1. under the hot sun washing hurt the paint
Principle: in the hot sun lens effects will wash the paint droplets formed by the uppermost local high temperatures generated, over time, the paint will lose luster. If at this time waxing, are likely to cause the body color is uneven.
Proper maintenance of way: washing and waxing is best under conditions of shelter, and if not guaranteed, it is best to choose a cloudy or sunny in the morning, in the evening performed.
Routine maintenance mode: Many private car owners prefer to wash in the hot sun, believing it will soon be washed and dried the car body of water.
2. washing like bath ── harmful air conditioning
Points to note: Be sure to maintain the appearance of dry automotive air conditioning, car air conditioning if accidentally gets wet, it will affect the life of the car air conditioner.
Routine maintenance mode: summer temperatures, dust increase, the body is easy to dirty, the owner of the car wash frequency began to rise, many owners also want to be like when you wash yourself thoroughly confused, like a bath.
3. circle way waxing ── poor
Waxing correct way: straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, then the direction of flow of the last rain, in order to reduce the paint surface concentric halo effect.
Daily waxing way: Many people are accustomed to body waxing way to circles, this is not the right approach.
4. Too much oil ── failure
Too much oil: But if too much oil, the engine crankshaft handle, connecting rod big end will produce severe agitation at work, not only increases the internal engine power loss, but also to make the oil spill on the cylinder wall increases, resulting in burning row of oil failure.
Car maintenance, the right amount of oil is best: engine oil sump should be controlled between the dipstick and lower groove
Oil shortage: When insufficient engine oil sump, etc. with the journal bearing friction due to less oil and poor lubrication, increasing the degree of wear, and even lead to burning ZWZ accident.
5. bolts tight ── permanent deformation
Car bolt is not too tight: If overtighten, on the one hand make connections under the action of external forces permanent deformation; on the other hand would make permanent deformation tensile bolt preload the worse, causing the slider or broken phenomenon.truck tyre
With bolts, nuts, fasteners connected a lot, should ensure that they have adequate preload on the car, but not over tighten.



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