Exquisite four professional women dress

At important meetings and talks, solemn ceremonies and banquets and other formal occasions, Ms. dress should be dignified and decent.
(1) Top: smooth crisp shirt stress, less use of accessories and lace embellishment, buttons should all be tied.
(2) Skirt: to skirt the main, young women can dress hem 3 cm above the knee –

6 cm, but not too short; middle-aged women should dress in about three centimeters below the knee. Petticoat skirt which should be worn. Leather or imitation leather skirt suit should not be worn on formal occasions.
(3) Shirt: monochrome is the best choice. Shirt should note the following: the shirt should be tucked into the hem of the skirt waist rather than hanging on the outside, and do not tie a knot at the waist; besides shirt and top grain may not be tied, the other buttons should line good; do not take off the jacket and direct Waichuan shirt wearing skirt suit. The shirt should be worn inside underwear but not revealed.

(4) footwear: shoes should be high heels or heel. Socks should be high socks or pantyhose. Footwear styles should be simple based, color should be matched with a skirt suit.cheap evening dress
Do not dress too revealing and transparent, size is not too short and tight, or give people the feeling of not stable.



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