Premarital women how to regulate emotions

Married women adjust one emotion: in the face of adversity to be good at self-regulation

During the wedding, because a variety of reasons, so we tend to fall into a passive situation, and that this time, we should pay attention to maintain their mental balance, holding both to the security of the attitude in the face of adversity. Survive the period after the wedding, everything will improve over.

The two married women to regulate emotions: negative emotions would have consciously divert

In the new marriage, when we encounter unpleasant things which lead to depression, you should take the initiative to relatives or close friends to talk to his own mind. Thus, on the one hand, in the course of the narrative of their own, some negative emotions are released, there will be a comfortable feeling hearts; on the other hand, by others to help analysis, comfort, you can come out from the original way of thinking, mental burden free.

Three female regulate mood of the wedding: To consciously dilute negative feelings with optimism

After they married, when we melancholy boredom when we must consciously divert attention, as much as possible like some happy thing, consciously used to dilute the negative mood of optimism, until replaced by negative emotions.

Because negative emotions when excited centers in the cerebral cortex, the optimism in the suppressed state. At this point, people should divert attention consciously do something they are interested in, the optimism started up, gradually dilute it to those negative emotions. In this way, we will be better during the wedding evening dress



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