Wedding arrangement Know

Multi-column, can be decorated, plus clever to avoid the use of decorative columns

If the origin of the column within the larger wedding, consider the use of fabric, flowers, lights, garlands and other decorative columns on the increase, not only can enhance the sense of space decorated with 1000, but also hinder the sense of reducing the column. In addition, some theme wedding can be arranged according to themes and columns, like a movie-themed wedding, you can paste posters in the column.

Note projector placement

Because multi-column, so guests will block part of the line of sight, causing them to not be completely relaxed watching the wedding process, so it should play a video projection position cleverly placed so that guests can not see the stage live wedding reception can be synchronized, so that can reflect the couple’s careful arrangements.
Irregular, clever use of heavy focus on the stage the stage arrangements

Different shapes of venues, the placement stage are not the same, semi-circular arena venue can be set at the position of the arc, triangular site can be set in the corners of the stage, diamond and other polygons are suitable venue the stage is set at an obtuse angle position, the venue will look more evening dress
Central hall decorations

If the wedding venue appears at the center of the original venue decoration, best in the arrangement when it moved away, truthfully can not be removed, you can consider other decorative method to hide.



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