Western-style wedding tips

Why wear a white bridal gown?
Since Roman times, white symbolizes celebration, just as in China, red symbolizes the festive same. In 1850-1990 years, the white is a symbol of prosperity. By the early 20th century, the significance of the white represents purity on far more than others. Therefore, the preferred color is usually white dress, it is a symbol of the bride’s beauty and holiness.

Why is the bride to wear a veil?
Initially, the bride’s veil a symbol of youth and purity. It is said that when there was a beautiful aristocratic girl inadvertently stood in the back of the white gauze curtains, met her fiance scared to Heaven, amazed, which gave her inspiration with a white silk wedding when she moves off immediately burst of fashion, which is today the custom of the bride wearing a white veil origin.cheap evening dress

Why drink wedlock?
The bride and groom drink “wedlock” at the wedding is one of the important wedding ceremony. This custom originated in the Qin Dynasty, according to historical records, the bride and groom each hold a half scoop of alcohol, meaning since the two into one, love each other, Pepsi harmony. The Tang Dynasty was replaced by the container glass, but no matter with a scoop or use glasses, it’s meaning is the same, which is a symbol of forever enthusiasts, through thick and thin meaning.



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