Bride wedding photographs was thin method

1. Select the inner plastic underwear

What to wear underwear when wearing a wedding dress it? I believe many of the prospective bride for this problem is still very confused. If you want to make yourself look more beautiful slender curves, then the underwear of choice is essential. Be sure to avoid the dreaded bra skew, if you want out of a beautiful cleavage line, it would try to be a professional bra, so as to select the correct size.

2. Increase height with high heels

While I can not lie to your high heels very comfortable, but it is undeniable that it does is to make your body look more slender one of the most convenient way to more temperament. Of course, do not choose too high with generally not more than 7 cm. If you are worried about your feet fatigue, then do not wear a cone heel, you can choose a pair of more firmly

3. Use wedding style

If you are a fairly tall perfect bride, then the selection of a suitable fishtail wedding dress is definitely the best way to Daxian body. Because of its special design can be the perfect female figure stand out and give you increased elegance and noble qualities.

And if you are more fleshy whole body, then try Bra tutu dress, because it can show your plump breasts, while helping to weaken your waist and hide hips and thighs, which called advantage, improve weaknesses, to show the most beautiful self.

4. wear a wedding dress was thin posture

To be able to wear a wedding dress was thin, beautiful posture is very important. Brides wear the wedding must pay attention to the upright, so that the whole people cheer. Keep your shoulders back, chin slightly forward to render a better jaw line. In wedding photography, when the body is best able to turn a slight angle, your shoulders and hips slightly towards the lens, an angle between the two staggered, so you can immediately collect your waist and hip thin, so you can see moving up more wedding dress



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